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  1. Wade Unique Adamsis a fictional characterfrom the Foxmusical comedy-dramaseries Gleethat first appeared in Saturday Night Glee-ver, the sixteenth episode of the show's third season, first broadcast on April 17, 2012. She is portrayed by actor Alex Newell. The character is notable for being the show's first transgender character
  2. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Alex Eugene Newell (born August 20, 1992) is an American actor and singer. He is known for his roles as Unique Adams on the Fox musical series Glee and Mo on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist. He also starred as Asaka in the Broadway revival of Once on This Island at the Circle in the Square Theater in 2018
  3. Sam Evans is a major character on Glee. He makes his first appearance as a new sophomore in Audition, the first episode of Season Two, and soon joins the New Directions. In Season Four, Sam starts dating Brittany, which leads to severe tension between him and Brittany's ex-girlfriend Santana
  4. Unique Adams , geboren als Wade, hat ihren ersten Auftritt in der Episode Saturday Night Glee-ver. Wenn sie ihre wahre Identität als Frau ausleben kann, Unique, gewinnt sie mehr Selbstvertrauen. Sie war die Hauptstimme von Vocal Adrenaline und anfangs unschlüssig, vor Publikum in Frauenkleider
  5. Alexander Eugene Newell, born August 20, 1992, is a 27-year-old American actor and singer. He is known for his role on Glee as Unique Adams, and he was a runner-up along with Lindsay Pearce on the first season of The Glee Project
  6. Alex Eugene Newell (geboren 20.August 1992 in Lynn) ist ein US-amerikanischer Schauspieler und Sänger.Er wurde vor allem durch seine Rollen Wade / Unique Adams in der FX-Serie Glee sowie Mo in der NBC-Produktion Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist bekannt, zudem verkörperte er 2018 die Hauptrolle Asaka in der Broadway-Neuauflage von Once on This Island, hierfür erhielt er auch eine Grammy.
  7. Glee ist eine US-amerikanische Musical - Comedy - Fernsehserie. Die Serie wurde von 2009 bis 2015 von 20th Century Fox Television für den Sender Fox produziert und besteht aus sechs Staffeln und 121 Episoden. Glee wurde 2009, 2010 sowie 2011 unter anderem mit einem Golden Globe Award als die beste Serie ihres Genres ausgezeichnet

Alex Eugene Newell is an American actor and singer. He was a runner-up on the first season of The Glee Project and is portraying Wade Adams (Unique) on Glee. Alex Newell has been performing since he was a toddler, and has also been performing in small amateur shows since high school. He lost his father to cancer at the age of six and his infinite love for acting and singing has helped him find. Glee ist eine US-amerikanische Musicalserie die von 2009 bis 2015 produziert wurde. Die Serie wurde 2009, 2010 und 2011 mit den Golden Globe in der Kategorie beste Serie ausgezeichnet. WILL Schuester ist Spanischlehrer auf der William McKinley High School. Als der Musiklehrer entlassen wird, beschliesst Will die Leitung des damals noch sehr erfolgreichen Glee Clubs zu übernehmen. Dabei hat er. Contents[show] Songs Solos Duets Solos (In a group number) Season One Song Episode TBA Showmance TBA Hairography TBA TBA The Power of Madonna TBA Funk Season Two Song Episode TBA Audition TBA Grilled Cheesus TBA TBA A Very Glee Christmas TBA Rumours TBA New York Season Three Song Episode TBA Mash Off TBA Extraordinary Merry Christmas TBA Yes/No TBA The Spanish Teacher TBA On My Way TBA. In The End of Twerk, Unique's problems using the school restrooms are revealed and Mr. Schuester makes a deal with Sue that Unique can have a key to one of the private unisex teachers' restrooms and the glee club will stop twerking. She is later transferred to another school by Sue Sylvester as she wants to remove all the remaining members of Glee Club in the school. Unique returns in Season. Glee is a face that was published into the avatar shop by ROBLOX on January 14, 2009. It can be purchased for 25 Robux. As of February 13, 2017, it has been purchased425,148 times and favorited 61,908times

Unique. GENDER: Female. AGE: 17. HAIR COLOR: Black. EYE COLOR: Dark Brown. OCCUPATIONS: Student. Former New Directions Member. Former Vocal Adrenaline Member. ALIASES: Wade (birth name) FAMILY & FRIENDS: FAMILY: Rob Adams (father) Betty Adams (mother) Felicia (aunt) RELATIONSHIPS: Ryder Lynn (ex-crush) FRIENDS: Marley Rose (best friend) Kitty. Unique Adams is a transgender female character from Glee. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyon

Talk:Unique (Glee) Jump to navigation Jump to search. WikiProject Television / Glee (Rated C-class, Low-importance) This article is within the scope of WikiProject Television, a collaborative effort to develop and improve Wikipedia articles about television programs. If you would like to participate, please visit the. Unique Adams is a character from Glee. She is transgender. Unique Adams | LGBT Info | Fandom. Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register LGBT Project Wiki. 6,417 Pages. Add new page. Community. Recent blog posts Forum Explore. Recent Changes. Marley Rose is a fictional character from the Fox musical comedy-drama series Glee.The character is portrayed by actress Melissa Benoist, and has appeared in Glee since the premiere of the fourth season, The New Rachel, first broadcast on September 13, 2012.Marley is a shy, unambitious wallflower who is the daughter of McKinley High's cafeteria lady, and aspires to be a singer on radio. Unique Adams is a character from Glee. Unique Adams | Fictional Characters Wiki | Fandom. Games Movies TV Video. Wikis. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search Sign In Don't have an account? Register Start a Wiki. Fictional Characters Wiki. 11,870 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles . Karen Filippelli; Hermione Granger; Steve (Minecraft) Jeff Winger; Pam. Also erstmal hi =) Ich wollte mal eine FF machen, wo alle, die mit machen wollen (eigentlich aus dem Chat) erstmal in eine Liste eintragen, welchen Charakter sie von Glee sein wollen. Wenn das feststeht beginnt die Story. Ich hab mir gedacht, dass dann einer anfängt z.B. Rachel oder so und dann der nächste Charakter aus seiner Sicht schreibt. Also wer mitmachen will, muss sich jetzt einfach.

Faces are items that can be purchased from the avatar shop that replace the Robloxian's head decal in many different unique styles. Faces are simply decals purchasable for Robux that are used for an avatar's aesthetics. To buy a face from the catalog, go to Body Parts on the left side of the catalog. Hold your mouse/cursor over the text until more text appear. You should see Faces appear. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. It focuses on the fictitious William McKinley High School glee club, the New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate members deal with social issues, especially regarding sexuality, race, relationships.

Contents[show] Songs Solos Duets Solos (In a group number) Season One Song Episode TBA Throwdown TBA Ballad TBA Hell-O TBA Journey Season Two Song Episode TBA The Rocky Horror Glee Show TBA Special Education TBA TBA A Night of Neglect Season Three Song Episode TBA Extraordinary Merry Christmas TBA Yes/No TBA The Spanish Teacher TBA Big Brother TBA Choke TBA Goodbye Season One Song Episode Duet. Charice (geb. am 10.Mai 1992 als Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco in Cabuyao City, Laguna, Philippinen) ist ein philippinischer Sänger (als Frau geboren). Sie begann ihre Karriere zunächst als Sängerin und Internetphänomen auf dem Videoportal YouTube.Dabei wurde sie im Jahr 2010 von der Talkshow-Moderatorin Oprah Winfrey als Most Talented Girl in the World betitelt (meisttalentiertes.

Contents[show] Audition Britney/Brittany Grilled Cheesus Duets The Rocky Horror Glee Show Never Been Kissed The Substitute Furt Special Education A Very Glee Christmas The Sue Sylvester Shuffle Silly Love Songs Comeback Blame It On The Alcohol Sexy Original Song A Night Of Neglect Born This Way Rumours Prom Queen Funeral New York Song Title Original Artist Performer(s) TBA TBA Tina, Rachel.

My 15 favourite songs featuring the voice of Unique (Alex Newell) All rights go to:Fo Brittany, Jake, Unique, Rachel, and Artie TBA A Very Glee Christmas: Kurt, Brittany, Artie, and Unique TBA The Sue Sylvester Shuffle: Artie, Mike, and Kitty TBA Rumours: Puck, Santana, and Marley Season Three Song Episode Solos with TBA Mash Off: Finn and Marley TBA I Kissed a Girl: Ryder and Kurt TBA Hold On to Sixtee

Next On Glee: Learn more about the next episode of season 3! Read more > Previously On Glee: Learn more about the previous episode Read more > Season's Glee-tings!: Happy Holidays from GTNY Wiki! Warning: this wiki does NOT contribute to the rights of Glee and FOX, this is a simple and fun wiki for Glee: The New Years fanfiction fans. Home to 478 articles as of 18 June 2011 The poll was. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that airs on the Fox network in the United States. It focuses on the reconstituted William McKinley High School glee club, New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate members deal with relationships, sexuality, social issues, and learning to become an effective team Due to TGP being a spin-off of Glee, references to the show and the contenders' lives are made starting season 3 of Glee. Glee Season 3 Like his character Joseph Hart, Samuel likes to be barefoot. He once went 6 months without wearing shoes., Brittany thinks Joe Hart is a girl. People used to mistake Samuel for a girl, especially from behind, before he got his dreadlocks., Rory tries peanut. This team recognises the beautiful ship know as Samchel. Samchel is the romantic relationship between Rachel Berry and Sam Evans on Glee. Samchelites admire and respect the individuality and loveliness of this unique ship. Remember to sign up to be a member, add pictures/gifs, fanfictions and why we ship Samchel! 1. Must have an account to joi Aria Montgomery is a main character on Glee, who made her first appearance in I Am Unicorn.Aria is a senior, and a member of the New Directions, at William McKinley High School.</p> . She was initially introduced during I Am Unicorn when Sue discovered that her competitor in the congress elections Byron Montgomery had a daughter attending Mckinley. Sue used Aria to further herself in the.

Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that airs on Fox in the United States. It focuses on the William McKinley High School glee club New Directions competing on the show choir competition circuit, while its members deal with relationships, sexuality, and social issues. The series was created by Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan, the last of whom first conceived. Ezra Fitz is a character on Glee, who made his first appearance in The New Rachel. Ezra is a teacher, and formerly taught at William McKinley High School, before quitting in Love,Love,Love He is initially introduced in The New Rachel as a stranger in a bar. He spots Aria who is singing along to a song. After talking they hook up. The next day Ezra is seen at Mckinley. It is revealed he is. Tina, Brittany, Jake, Unique, and Artie TBA The Rocky Horror Glee Show: Kurt and Mike TBA A Very Glee Christmas: Brittany, Quinn, Marley, and Puck TBA Mercedes and Ryder TBA Sexy: Unique and Blaine TBA Born This Way: Mike and Ryder TBA New York: Santana, Blaine, Quinn, Kurt, and Artie Season Three Song Episode Solos with TBA The First Time: Kurt, Kitty, and Blaine TBA Hold On to Sixteen. Season Four of Glee premiered on September 13, 2012 and concluded on May 9, 2013. Glee aired on Thursdays at 9PM EST instead of Tuesdays at 8PM EST. This season followed the lives of both New Directions and the lives of the alumni who recently graduated, in Season Three. The series focuses on a high school Glee Club called New Directions, from William McKinley High School in Lima, Ohio. This. List of nicknames used on Glee (Source: Glee Wiki, some from memory). A few have been left out so if you can think of any just post in comments) _____ RACHEL Rach, A-Rach, Babe, (Finn) Miss Bossy Pants, Eva Peron (Mercedes) RuPaul, Man Hands, Treasure Trail, Stubbles, That Thing, Sweetie (Quinn) Yentl (Dakota, Santana) Boy Hips (Lauren) Benedict Arnold (Kurt) Dwarf, Midget, Hobbit (Santana.

Sophia Mayes is the main character in Silly Love Songs. Sophia is currently in William McKinley High School. She is serving as a member of the school's glee club, the New Directions. She first appearances in the episode, A Very Glee Christmas. Sophia Mayes is portrayed by singer, Taylor Swift team grace: edit blaine david martinez roz washington mercedes jones giselle harmony matt rutherford sheila wade unique adams carmen tibideau Feud is the sixteenth episode of Glee's fourth season and the eighty-second episode overall. It premiered on March 14, 2013. For the first time in Glee Club history, the students give the teachers an assignment, Feud. After Ezra reveals to Will that he lied it Emma, things get way out of hand. As this feud finds its ways to be solved, Ezra and Aria try to find a way to solve it on their own. Glee is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. It focuses on the fictitious William McKinley High School glee club, New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate members deal with social issues, especially regarding sexuality and race, relationships. Unique: Does he tell you he loves you when you least expect it? Does he flutter your heart when he kisses your neck? No scientist or biology It's obvious when he's holding me It's only natural that I'm so affected Marley: Oh And my heart won't beat again If I can't feel him in my veins No need to question, I already kno

Glee er en amerikansk tv-serie, der blev vist første gang på Fox i USA.Serien handler om et showkor, kaldet New Directions!, som er etableret på den opdigtede William McKinley High School i Lima, Ohio. De vigtigste personer i de indledende afsnit af Glee omfattede korleder og spansklærer Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), cheerleadertræner Sue Sylvester (), studievejleder Emma Pillsbury. Bruce Lee (chinesisch 李小龍 / 李小龙, Pinyin Lǐ Xiǎolóng, Jyutping Lei 5 Siu 2 Lung 4, kantonesisch Lee Siu-Lung, * 27. November 1940 in San Francisco; † 20. Juli 1973 in Hongkong; geboren als Lee Jun-fan 李振藩, Lǐ Zhènfán, Jyutping Lei 5 Zan 3 faan 4) war ein sinoamerikanischer Kampfkünstler, Kampfkunst-Ausbilder und Schauspieler. Er gilt als Ikone des Martial-Arts-Films. Trevor Carey Rayburn (later Trevor Rayburn, Sr.) is a member of the New Directions glee club. He is introduced in the fanon season three and is a rival to Jack Harmon, having known each other since childhood. He is played by actor Kyle Dean Massey. Trevor is the only child of Harrison Rayburn and his fifth wife, Elizabeth Carey. He was a small boy when his parents divorced, his mother. For a full list of help pages, see Help:Contents, which includes non-local help pages, automatically transcluded from Wikia Help. About this category This category is intended to contain all the local help pages for this Wikia: pages that can help contributors and/or readers. If you find helpful pages that you think should be here, you may include them here just by typing [[Category:Help. Nivals8 is a ßΓΘ, Beta Gamma Theta (a faux fraternity at Rutgers University) . He is from New Jersey, and is mad chill about life and all thats going on around him. Peace, love, etc. Brittany is the best character on the show. <---- If you can't see whats after the w, it's a period Heather Morris is one of the most talented actresses on Glee and she wasn't even hired as an actress, she was.

Glee (stylized as glee) is an American musical comedy-drama television series that aired on the Fox network in the United States from May 19, 2009, to March 20, 2015. It focuses on the fictitious William McKinley High School glee club, the New Directions, which competes on the show choir competition circuit while its disparate members deal with social issues, especially regarding sexuality. Playby: Cory Monteith 19 | Lima Endgame: Finchel Status: OPEN More Info: http://glee.wikia.com/wiki/Finn_Hudso A New Glee-Year ist die erste Episode der fünften Staffel von Glee. Sie wurde am 1. 2. 2013 ausgestrahlt. Serienname: Staffel 5, Episode 1 : Erstausstrahlung: 1. 2. 2013 Autor: Nick Verri Folgenübersicht: Vorherige - Nächste Changes Bread Stix 5 Anrufe in Abwesenheit von Tina konnte Blaine auf seinem Handy lesen. Er steckte sein Handy wieder weg und schenkte seine Aufmerksamkeit.

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The Jake-Marley Relationship is the relationship between Jake Puckerman and Marley Rose, which is commonly known as Jarley. When Mr. Schuester posted the glee club sheet for accepted members and also during Chasing Pavements they share a look. Besides this they don't have any other interactions A unique style of singing is performed Rapping, by all contenders in the Music Video Beatboxing, by Charlie and Nellie in the Homework Assignment The guest mentor portrayed a member of Glee's New Directions who graduated in Season Three Harry Shum Jr.'s Mike Chang Naya Rivera's Santana Lope

Elliot Gilbert is a gay character from Glee. Tropes Camp Gay, Queer Actor, Queer Character - Adam Lambert is gay Hey, this is a page filled with all the templates in the wiki. If you create a template comment below and your template will be edited on the page. If you wish to learn how to create a template, please go to this blog Glee Wikia Trumpets TV Show, 'Engagement' - 05/25/2011. Subscribe to your choice of industry specific newsletters, save $100 on conferences, search member directories, comment on stories and more


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Glee, les plus beaux couples. Gefällt 890 Mal · 1 Personen sprechen darüber. Créatrice : Déborah ( #Deb ). Admins : Claire ( #MissKurt ), Celia (#Cel ) et Nicolas ( #Nico ). E-mail de la page :.. Bubble Glee. Fullscreen × You need to do everything to collect the balls in a row as quickly as possible. After that they will disappear from the playing field. Try to make your combinations as large as possible. Good luck and have fun in this game. Don. This is the fan page where you can say anything you like, and fangirl all you want about the contenders. Use the templates, tell who you want to win, and please comment. Main fan wiki: Fans of Glee Project Wik Finn Hudson is a main character of Glee: We are Family, and of Glee in general. He is an alumnus of McKinley High and the school's resident glee club, the New Directions. He is instrumental in his role of setting up the New Directions reunion in Lima and it's secondary phase in New York City. He is very close to his fellow New Directions alumni, particularly to Noah Puck Puckerman and Rachel. Kitty Wilde - 15 ans - Etudiante de première année - Elle est cheerios et va s'inscrire au glee club - Populaire - Prise Situation : Célibataire Lien d'amitié : Les cheerios Biographie : Elle est Cheerleaders à Mckinley, elle habite chez ça mère, parents divorcé, son père la battait. Elle est riche et est fille unique. Elle peut être.

The entertainment site where fans come first. Your daily source for all things TV, movies, and games, including Star Wars, Fallout, Marvel, DC and more Facts, bio, trivia, photos for The Glee Project's season 1, third place winner, Alex Newell, who stars as Unique on Glee. Alex Newell's Glee Debut as Both Wade AND Unique: Cast Reacts on . It's official. We've now met all four of the Glee Project winners from Season 1. In April 17's Season 3, Episode 16: Saturday Night Glee-ver, we got the . Unique - Glee Wiki. Unique is the. The third season of the musical comedy-drama television series Glee was announced May 23, 2010 by FOX. The third season took place during several New Directions students' senior year at William McKinley High School. It premiered September 20, 2011 and ended on May 22, 2012 Glee Fanon Wiki. 202 Pages. Add new page. Popular pages. Most visited articles. I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) Jack Harmon; Reese Cohen-Abrams; Iris(Song) Alex Lyons; Open Arms; Night Changes; Songs. Leaves and Trees ; Suddenly; When All is Said and Done; The Only Promise That Remains; Shattered (Turn the Car Around) She (song) Make It in America; Solos. All Shook Up; Angels. All types have one pose that is unique for their Classmate type. The Glee Classmate's pose is singing with their eyes closed and arms outstretched. Earning Rates Male. Level 1: 131 CpH Level 2: 141 CpH Level 3: 151 CpH Level 4: 161 CpH Level 5: 171 CpH Level 6: 181 CpH Level 7: 191 CpH Level 8: 201 CpH Level 9: 211 CpH Level 10: 221 CpH Female. Level 1: 126 CpH Level 2: 136 CpH Level 3: 146.

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Zoey Honey Berry is a main character in JamesonOTP's ongoing fan fiction, Glee: The Next Generation. She is the younger, adoptive sister of former New Directions star, Rachel Berry, although it is later revealed that after Honey's parents died, Hiram and Leroy adopted Honey because she is biologically Rachel's half sister. Rachel and Honey share the same mother, Shelby Corcoran, who also was. Playby: Lea Michele 19 | New York Endgame: Finchel Status: TAKEN Co-Owne Jake Puckerman, Ryder Lynn, Wade Unique Adams & Marley Rose Hey Jude Blaine Anderson, Kitty Wilde, Sam Evans, Tina Cohen-Chang & New Directions Let It Be Rachel Berry, Santana Lopez, Tina Cohen-Chang, Artie Abrams, Kitty Wilde, Kurt Hummel & New Directions As canções foram lançadas no Álbum Glee Sings The Beatles. † destaca canções não lançadas. 3. The Quarterback . Nome da música. Earthquake Glee episode Episode no. Season 5 Episode 4 Directed by Alfonso Gomez-Rejon Written by Brad Falchuk James Harrison Featured music Earthquake Shine Iris Hall of Fame Mirrors One More Dance More Than You'll Ever Know Payphone The Flood Original air date October 17, 2013 Guest actors..

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Unique is a male on Glee. Ask Login. Home Science Math History Literature Technology Health Law Business All Topics Random. Glee (TV Series) Is wade unique Adams from glee a boy? Asked by Wiki. This area of the site is for articles regarding the subject of the wiki. Add your own subcategories to this area, and endeavour to categorise all content somewhere under here. To add an article, image, or category to this category, append [[Category:Content]] to the end of its page Season 1 Pilot Showmance Acafellas Preggers The Rhodes Not Taken Vitamin D Throwdown Mash-Up Wheels Ballad Hairography Mattress Sectionals Hell-O The Power Of Madonna Home Bad Reputation Laryngitis Dream On Theatricality Funk Journey Season 2 Audition Britney/Brittany Grilled Cheesus Duets The Rocky Horror Glee Show Never Been Kissed The Substitute Furt Special Education A Very Glee Christmas. Wade Unique Adams, Тина Коенг-Чанг and Marley 10. «Glee, Actually » Нет: The Christmas Album Volume 3 «Oh Hanukkah» Barenaked Ladies: Jake Puckerman and Noah Puckerman: 10. «Glee, Actually» Нет: The Christmas Album Volume 3 «Jingle Bell Rock» Bobby Helms: Sam Evans with the McKinley High Cheerios: 10. «Glee, Actually» Нет: The Christmas Album Volume 3. Jeux vidéo Cinéma Télévision Wikis. It glew be all good and maybe I could be your girl, Unique: I couldn't get enough of their charm, swagger and self-confidence. Explorer les wikis Centre des communautés Créer un wiki. Womanizer - Glee [HD Full Studio] Sommaire [ afficher ]. You got me goin' You! Elle est interprétée par.

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zum Thema: bubble glee kostenlos online spielen. BUBBLE SHOOTER 3-Play Bubble Shooter 3 on Poki - New Games Are Added Daily . poki.comAnzeige. New Games Are Added Daily. Find The Best Free Online Games at Poki.com, and Have Fun! A Unique Selection Of Games From The Best Game Developers Around The World. Instant Gaming · Top Creators · Free Online Games · Always the First. Moto X3M Spooky. Vor 2 Tagen · I felt no glee from the filmmakers in wanting to entertain us. At least one or two chases are extended enough to create minimal tension. The work is based upon Lois Duncan's novel of the same name, but we learn nothing about the four friends other than their superficial traits: Julie feels the most guilt, Helen and her vanity, Barry the tough guy, and Ray the bore (we learn.


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Kevin McHale - Glee WikiWannabe - Glee WikiJesse-Rachel Relationship | Glee TV Show Wiki | FandomSantana Lopez - Glee WikiMarley Rose - Wiki GleeNationals (Episode) - Glee WikiTransitioning - Glee Wiki
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