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There are a few handy websites that provide free Meta Title and Description length checker. One of the tools that I use is Serpsim, which checks the length of the meta title and description based on the pixel. Importance of Meta title in SEO for any Blog or Business Site. Title tags are the first thing that your visitors interact with before visiting your site from SERP. Title tags are. HTML Meta Description Tag Length. The suggested length of meta description is somewhere between 150 to 160 characters including spaces. You can even use fewer characters and it works great if your descriptions looks appealing and read better but don't try to create lengthy descriptions that doesn't make much sense or description with more than 160 characters Best Practices For A Good Meta Description Length in 2020. Meanwhile, your meta description length should be kept descriptive and between 150 and 160 characters for optimal length, and this includes spaces. Additionally, you also want to make sure to: Accurately summarize the page content. While there's no minimal or maximal meta title length.

The meta description length can be 120 to 160 in characters and 430 to 923 in pixels. The important thing is that the meta description should be unique & descriptive for every web page. As per the guidelines, the meta description should be unique and descriptive in nature. Plagiarized meta description might lead to penalization of the website by Google. Moving on, the meta description length. Meta description length for SEO. A meta description is a snippet of around 160 characters which gives a summary of the content on a page. It is actually an HTML tag- and if relevant search keywords are included in the meta description, people are more likely to click on your link. For example, if you post a recipe for white pasta sauce, and your meta description says that this page will give. Meta Description Length Checker Keep meta descriptions around the recommended length of 155 characters, otherwise they will be truncated when they show up in search results. Characters: /155 recommended maximu Meta Descriptions sollten eine Länge von 160 Zeichen - bzw. 500 Pixel - inklusive Leerzeichen nicht überschreiten. Im Jahr 2017 wurde die Höchstanzahl für kurze Zeit auf 320 Zeichen aufgestockt. Immer häufiger tauchten in den Monaten rund um den Jahreswechsel 2017/18 längere Descriptions in den SERPs auf. Allerdings wurden nicht alle Descriptions vollständig angezeigt. Über Twitter.

When Google increased the length of search descriptions to 320 characters back in December 2017, SEOs got a little too excited and started re-writing meta descriptions for their sites. So it's no surprise many started freaking out in May 2018 when Google unexpectedly dropped the length back to 160 characters Meta-Descriptions sind der erste Kontaktpunkt der Google-Nutzer mit deiner Webseite. Im folgenden zeigen wir dir mit einem Best-Practice-Beispiel, wie du deine Meta-Descriptions aufbauen kannst. Eine kurze Inhaltswiedergabe nach dem AIDA-Prinzip (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) ist unserer Erfahrung erfolgreich. Das Beispiel: Die Meta-Description als Teil des Suchergebnisses der Domain. The meta description length meta tag can be up to 154 characters long. It should be a summary of the product or category description and present the product in the most compelling way possible . So that the customer is interested in clicking on the product pages themselves. It is a good idea to include the Title tag or other name used for the product in the description. The Meta keywords field. A meta description is meta tag that acts as a 155-160 characters summary that describes the content of a web page. Search engines show it in search results when the meta description also includes the keywords being searched. Unlike the page title, meta descriptions are not a ranking factor, but they do entice users to click through to a page and are part of effective on page SEO. You'll see.

Meta Description length in Yahoo. Yahoo does not give much advice in their Help section about the minimum and maximum length of the meta description. Our own research has shown that the Yahoo SERP allows for a maximum width of 553 pixels. Since the meta description consists of two lines, this roughly translates to 160 characters. However, we haven't seen this full width being used, nor have. Meta description length UPDATE #2: As of May 2018, Google reinstated the original meta description length, see above. If you want to play it safe, just adhere to the 156 characters limit in the future. Why Meta Description Character Count Isn't That Important. First of all, doing SEO from a strictly technical point of view isn't that lucrative anymore. Search engines have jut become much. The optimal length for a meta description is between 100-150 characters. Google often cuts off meta descriptions that go much beyond the 150 character limit. The meta description should be long enough to describe the page, but short enough to be easy to read. How To Write Perfect Meta Descriptions. Meta descriptions may not directly affect rankings as much as other factors, but optimizing them. The meta description length for Google desktop search results is between 154-160 characters. As you can see below, most search snippets have 154 - 161 characters with the exception of our snippet which goes up to 206 characters! The screenshot below is representative for different types of searches we have performed. Average meta description length on Google Search Results Meta description.

Enter Meta Description Tag. Meta descriptions can be a bit longer. In late 2017, Google increased the 165 character limit (about two lines) to sometimes 4-5 lines or arond 320 characters. Then in May 2018, Google decreased the length again. The current best practice as of June 2018 is to keep the description under 160 characters Google has made periodic changes to the permitted length for meta descriptions. Currently there is no specific cutoff point, although in general the search engine will display anywhere from 160 to 320 characters. When in doubt, you're best off writing detailed meta descriptions that are up to about 300 characters in length, but 'front-loading' the most important information so it's.

Meta description length maximal limits. New Google's meta description length is up to 920 pixels, which might allow for up to 158 characters. The meta length checker tool warns you after reaching the max limit On mobile devices, the max limit is about 680 pixels and 120 characters. Meta title length maximal limits The generally recommended lower length limit for meta descriptions is 50 characters, so you should be aiming for a length of between 50 and 156 characters. There are some key elements to ensure you feature: Search Terms. Keywords in your meta description that match the user's query will be highlighted in bold, which for searchers who can see the results page (which is not all of them. Meta descriptions length plays a big role in search results. A meta description is the snippet of information that exists below any link of a search result. It's a short paragraph that describes what the link is all about for the users and Googlebot to understand and comprehend. This is what a meta description looks like in Google search: As you can see, its a short blurb describing the.

Die Meta Description ist ein kleiner Beschreibungstext im Snippet. Dieser darf die Länge von 155 Zeichen nicht überschreiten, da der Text sonst mit abgekürzt wird. Die Meta Description muss für den User geschrieben sein, um ihn zum Klick auf die Webseite anzuregen. Michael Landl, Inhaber 08171-81892-11. Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Kontaktaufnahme. Haben Sie Fragen zu den Themen. Google Meta Title & Description Length Preview Tool Measures in Pixels. Test Page Title & Meta Description Visibility Get creative - the page title that appears in search engines is like an advertisement for the page. Use this free Google SERP snippet preview tool as a guide when creating and optimizing your Title and Meta descriptions. Why Use This Tool? + The page title that appears in.

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  1. Use the form below to enter the title, meta description, and URL of your web page, and this tool will generate a virtual search result listing based on your input. For more information, click here . Title 70 This is an Example of a Title Tag that is Seventy Characters in Length
  2. Optimal meta description length for desktop devices. Almost everybody asks about meta description length, but the answer to this is a little bit tricky. A snippet on desktop devices was 680 px wide. But as the meta description exceeded into two lines in SERPs, according to our observations, its real length is around 920 px wide. In rare cases, the width could be even bigger, up to 945 pixels.
  3. Understanding the new length of meta descriptions can help you develop a solid strategy for improving your page rank and connecting with potential viewers going forward. The Basics of Meta Descriptions. Image via Flickr by Kalexanderson. Your page's meta description is part of an HTML tag that appears in the head section. The content of your meta description should provide a brief summary of.

Find the perfect META description length and META title length to optimize your snippet for Google using our SEO tool. If you want to check an entire site you can simply enter the URL of the sitemap and SERPsim will download all the titles and META descriptions in bulk. You will find a progress bar at the top of the window. When all the pages in the sitemap have been processed a list will be. The new maximum length for a snippet in Google search results is 320 characters (with spaces and snippet features) so, I recommend a length of 300 characters for a Meta Description. And, if you want Google to actually use your Meta Descriptions, write them to better answer user questions (see above) Meta Descriptions. Similar to page titles, we believe meta descriptions are calculated by pixel width, rather than characters. This pixel width is less than simply 512 pixels multiplied by two (1,024px) which you might expect and actually the CSS truncation appears to be around 920 pixels (in our SERP emulator it's 923px) How To Write Meta Descriptions. Keep the length to approximately 135-160 characters. When you write your meta descriptions include a call to action! When you create your meta description - matching the page topic is critical Meta descriptions, along with title tags, convey the theme of your site. These short descriptions or snippets of about 155 characters in length, or the length of a tag in HTML, helps tell a user more about the content of your site. It is important that you include keywords or target services in the meta description as well as the title. You also need to keep in mind the placement of keywords.

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  1. Meta description can have any length but a good practice is to keep this under 160 characters (search engines generally truncate snippets longer than this value). View all Free Tools Analyze and monitor your SEO with our powerful ToolBox
  2. In case, a web page does not have a meta description, the search engine will automatically provide a meta description for the webpage using content from the page itself. Meta descriptions are expected to be approximately 150 characters in length or 2-3 sentences. Comparison between Meta Title and Meta Description
  3. Here is an example of a web page without the viewport meta tag, and the same web page with the viewport meta tag: Tip: If you are browsing this page with a phone or a tablet, you can click on the two links below to see the difference
  4. As of 2019, Google's advise is not to focus too much on this area as many snippets Google chooses are dynamic and not necessarily pulled from meta descriptions. A lot of what Google decides to show depends on the searcher's query and the content o..
  5. What Is the Recommended/Ideal Meta Description Length? It has been considered a standard SEO best practice for years to keep meta descriptions at around 160-165 characters maximum (or 156-160.
  6. The title tag of a web page is meant to be an accurate and concise description of a page's content. Enter your title below to see how it would appear in Google's search results: Title Tag Preview Tool. loading For the most accurate results, view on a desktop browser. Note: Many people say meta title tags even though titles aren't technically a meta tag. While controversial with some.
  7. Formerly, meta descriptions were recommended to be 160 characters or less in length. As of 2017, Google will show up to 275 characters on the SERP. Therefore, you should optimize your meta description tags to be up to 275 characters long

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  1. The recommended SEO meta description length was between 150-160 symbols with spaces. All the excessive symbols will be cut with an ellipsis. 2017. According to a Google announcement, meta description length 2017 was increased for search results to be more informative and for users to understand if the displayed links meet their searches. At.
  2. g online marketing events. Discount: 15%. Date: 2020-10-20 . Discount: 15%. Date: 2020-10-20 . Discount: $200. Date: 2020-12-08 . View.
  3. d that Google may still choose to show a snippet from your body content as the meta description of the page in the SERP. One of the benefits.
  4. Length: a meta description should be no longer than 135 - 160 characters long (although Google has recently been testing longer snippets). Any longer and search engines will chop the end off, so make sure any important keywords are nearer the front. Do not duplicate meta descriptions: As with title tags, the meta descriptions must be written differently for every page. Google may penalise.
  5. What is Meta Description length in 2020. Definition: a meta description tag allows you to add a description of an indexed page in which you can insert keywords. This makes it possible to inform search engines as well as Internet users of the content of the page. Why is the meta description tag important in SEO? The meta description tag does not.
  6. In other words, don't take advantage of the expanded meta description length to stuff it with a bunch of keywords. That's going to earn you a red flag for sure. Instead, use the new length to provide valuable information that will resonate with people in your target market. That is, after all, the whole point of content marketing. Feel free to also use the meta description to whet the.

The best practice length of you meta description depends on whether the webpage has a publish date associated with it, or not. Does the blog/article publish date takes away from meta description character limit? When there is a publish date associated with your content, it will appear in the SERPs and eat into the character count available for your meta description. The best practice lengths. The New Meta Description Length as of May 2018 Is Good News! While meta description lengths are short again, does this mean we should write them the same? Or was there something to gain from the brief period of meta description expansion? While Google is getting better at auto-generating snippets, we still need to write our descriptions. Writing meta descriptions requires a bit of technical.

UPDATE 6/2/18: This was a short-lived change. Google reverted back to showing shorter meta descriptions by mid-May 2018. According to Moz.com, most meta descriptions are now being cut off at approximately 155-160 characters, as they were before the update was made.No one knows how Google will adjust meta descriptions in the future, making it difficult to pinpoint the ideal meta description length Google has expanded their meta description length to a max of 320 characters. This means there are now 4-6 lines of description in the SERP's. These tips for HTML tags, meta titles, meta descriptions, and alt tags will drive more traffic to your site Everything you need to know about 2018 Meta Title & Meta Description Length, as per google latest updates, google expanded the length of Meta Description, it can be 4-6 lines of description length, we recommend you to update your plugin now and know about how to write perfect meta title and meta description

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Meta descriptions, however, are not a direct ranking factor. Google says: Even though we sometimes use the description meta tag for the snippets we show, we still don't use the description meta tag in our ranking. Best practices. Write a unique description for each page; Try to summarize content accurately; Avoid generic descriptions; Use. De meta-description wordt niet alleen gebruikt door zoekmachines, maar ook door social media sites als Facebook, Twitter en LinkedIn. Als je een link deelt op deze platforms toont hij automatisch de meta-omschrijving die je hebt opgegeven. Met de plugin WordPress SEO van Yoast kun je een aangepaste titel en omschrijving opgeven voor Facebook en Twitter. Hoe weet ik of mensen op mijn.

Meta description and title length in Bing results Hi... I have a page <Removed Link> that is currently ranking around 3 - 4 on Bing for the search term couriers in Manchester. Whilst this great the displayed result poses a couple of questions.. 1, The page title has been cropped in the search results even though it is less than the limit. It is 64 characters / 537 pixels so should show. what is the maximum length for meta_keyword, meta_description and meta_title. Ask Question Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 6 years, 6 months ago. Viewed 3k times 1. While Uploading CSV, There are some constraints that we have to follow, Like lengths of the attributes: Please Provide the length of following attributes: meta_keyword meta_title meta_description Attribute Reference from.

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  1. Do not apply 1 meta description across all the pages of your site. While search engines do not use meta descriptions as a ranking factor, they do use the presence of lots of duplicates as an indicator of potential spam. I typically write out meta descriptions for the core pages of my sites when I do a keyword map
  2. g back to previous limits. The Meta Description Length in 2019 is from one hundred twenty to 158 characters. Check Meta Description Length through Meta Description Length Checker.
  3. Meta Description Generator does four things: It writes your meta description tag code as you type your description.; It counts the character length of what you are typing to let you know how much room is left for you to continue writing.; It forces you to write within the most seo-friendly meta description length of 156 characters; It lets you select the entire output code with one click.
  4. og:description has 2 max lengths: When the link is used in a Post, it's 300 chars. When a link is used in a Comment, it's 110 chars. So you can either treat it as 110, or, write your Descriptions to 300 but make sure the first 110 is the critical part and still makes sense when it gets cut off

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The meta description length in 2020 is between 120-158 characters and up to 920 pixels in size. Google and other search engines will display the meta description in the search engine results pages across desktop and mobile devices. Google announced back in 2009 that meta descriptions do not impact search engine rankings and are therefore not considered an SEO ranking factor. And while meta. Now that meta description length changed there is a major opportunity to rewrite meta descriptions for the most important landing pages on your website. Bigger Real Estate. Additional text is good news for SEO because it means more room to promote brands. What's even better is that digital marketers who leave their meta description tags alone will still see an improved presence in the search. The right number for the length of Meta description in Prestashop. We think writing effective descriptions that engage search visitors is still very important, in theory (and that this indirectly impacts even ranking), but you may find you can write perfectly well within a 150 - 160 characters limit. Google seems to be rewriting more and more descriptions. This is difficult to measure, as many.

Just recently, Google expanded the length allowed in the meta description tag. That's good news for SEOs. Why? Because they can use the additional text to promote their brands. Even better, though: digital marketers who leave their meta description tags alone will still see an improved presence in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That's [ Google stellt dir in den Desktop- und des Mobile-Suchergebnissen unterschiedlich viel Platz zur Verfügung: Titel: 580 Pixel (Desktop) beziehungsweise 920 Pixel (Mobile) Description: 990 Pixel (Desktop) beziehungsweise 1.300 Pixel (Mobile) Der SISTRIX SERP Snippet Generator zeigt dir, wie viel Platz du mit deinen Texten bereits nutzt und hilft dir so, das bestmögliche Snippet zu erstellen Free Meta Tag Generator. Meta tags are HTML tag content that provide metadata about your website such as description. Meta tags are used by search engines to help index and to provide relevant content in their search result The meta description is a snippet, an HTML tag, that summarizes the content of a page. Search engines display the meta description in search results usually when the search term is contained in the description. Optimizing the meta description is a very important aspect of on-page SEO Since this change, the possible length of a meta description has become about 175 characters. However, because Google does not exploit the full space on each search results page, it is still advisable to keep to 150 characters including spaces, so that the end of the description won't be cut off. Please note that this specification of character limit is just an approximation, because Google.

Meta description writing; where to start. The best way of approaching a meta description is to think of it as the supporting comment to your title tag. Where the title is the attention-grabbing few words, the meta description is a further explanation as to what users can expect from the page What does the length meta description check do? This check measures the length of your meta description. It checks whether it is too short (less than 120 characters) or too long (more than 156 characters). Why is it important for SEO? Google sometimes displays the meta description beneath the title of your posts in the search results. This small piece of copy can entice people to click your. But the meta description length is the same for each. According to the official Google Webmaster Central Blog, sometimes Google doesn't factor the meta description into their ranking algorithm. However, they do still display them as snippets in the search results. Top Reasons to Use a Meta Description . Meta descriptions are a key factor for conversions. So, there 's great benefit to using.

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When your meta description is compelling there is more chance to get high Click-Through-Rate (CTR). If more people click your site or content then google considers your site as relevant & this helps to move up your website's rank. The characteristics of a good meta description : Optimal Length: Google keeps updating its meta description. This updated meta description length may not stick. Google has changed their mind before, so they could very well go back to the shorter lengths in a few months. If you feel like you want to capitalize on the extended length of meta descriptions, your best option is to start with your top ranking organic pages. These are the ones most likely to be seen, and the extended description—if used. Our on-site SEO study found that nearly 30% of the sites had duplicate meta descriptions and 25% had pages with no meta description at all. Meta Description Length: Make it SEO Friendly. To encourage clicks and bring visitors from search to your website, do the following with your descriptions: Keep them about 1-2 sentences (140-160 characters) long. Don't forget to include your keyword. Add. Appropriate Length. The Meta description should consist of one or two sentences typically between 140-160 characters (with spaces) that elaborate on the page's title by using primary and secondary target keywords to convey the value proposition and CTA. The standard format is sentence case. Using anything above 160 characters is likely to mean that your SERP description will be truncated.

Google meta description tag consist the information on seo and google tips on writing meta description tags, length, limits, guidelines, suggestions, character limits, optimization methods, elements and etc #6 Do Not Accidentally Use the Same Meta Description on Multiple Posts. If the Google spider consistently finds duplicate meta descriptions on a domain, then it will ignore all meta descriptions for that domain. The most common scenario where this occurs is when webmasters created multiple variations of the same page. For example, a blogger may have a free consult page with twenty variations. Meta Description Tag Length: It's not the number of words that count. It's actually the number of characters length. Because, Google will cut off anything more than 155(roughly) characters. Optimizing for in the description and try to limit its length to 25-30 words. Also try to use no more than two sentences However, we never had a limit on meta description tag length before, as we covered earlier this year. So, there's no need for publishers to suddenly expand their meta description tags, if they feel their current ones are adequate. As a reminder, our snippets are dynamically generated. Sometimes, they use what's in a meta description tag. More often, they are generated by showing content. Description length is highly subjective, and sometimes you need a lot of words to communicate meaning. However, this Hint exists to highlight instances where this may not be the case. It allows you to quickly check a list of URLs with long meta descriptions, in case you see some examples which do not look right, such as pages which inherit template properties and have not been updated

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Ever since Google dropped the length of the descriptions in the search results last week, many SEOs have been freaking out about the fact they rewrote meta description tags to 300+ characters and now, Google has dropped that back down to about 160 characters in length.. The important thing to note is that Google has never given any specific character or word count for the meta description tags. Description length is highly subjective, and sometimes meanings can be communicated with very few words. However, this Hint exists to highlight instances where this may not be the case. It allows you to quickly check a list of URLs with short meta descriptions, in case you see some examples which do not look right, such as pages which inherit template properties and have not been updated Have an SEO question? Search our Q&A forum for your question; if not found, please ask our incredible community of SEOs for some help! You can also earn MozPoints by answering other community members' questions

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The first time when I learnt about the seo aspect of having less than 160 characters in meta description, I sat one day and reduced the length of the descriptions on all my web pages. And, I use 'All-in-One SEO Pack' plugin for my blog and it actually warns me about using more than 140 characters and not even 160. Well, thanks to your experiment I won't worry about these any more Hi Friends, As Google update came in December 2017 that length of the Meta Description tag is increased from 160 to 320 characters. I updated the meta tags of my website and increased the length.

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Google does not set character limits for meta description length, but it does limit the number of characters displayed to users on the SERP. Best practice is to keep meta description length between 120-150 characters. This ensures your entire description will appear on both desktop and mobile. 3. Consistency and originality . Since meta descriptions do not always get displayed to users, site. Home → SEO & Internet Marketing → How Does The Length Of A Meta Description Matter? On 20/12/2017 / SEO & Internet Marketing . Tags: Digital Marketing Company in India, Internet Marketing Services in India, SEO agency in India. Meta descriptions were once restricted to a 155-160 character limit. But, it is no longer the case now. Earlier this month, Google confirmed that it is expanding. Meta Description Length for SEO. Posted on December 14, 2017 in Blog. Google recently increased the display length of standard organic search text snippets and meta descriptions. In the past, the search snippet was limited to approximately 165 characters for the majority of query results. (The same length recommendation applied to meta descriptions.) As of the start of December 2017, that.

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I tried to update the meta descriptions for my products so that they are different to the normal description.. My main problem is, I need to change meta description length of the products is shown as the meta description. how can I change the length of meta description from 255 to other lengths in products admin page or pages and which file and code Can anyone tell me what the meta description length limit is now in v4.7, 4.5 . Thanks . It hasn't changed. It is still 250. Back to top . johnbol1; Never Re; Members Join Date: 23-Feb 10; 4808 posts Posted 06 June 2018 - 09:11 AM #8. Found it, changed in here to 320 . https://prnt.sc/jricio. Custom printed hi visibility clothing sale the UK's online hivis safety shop v4.5.2 Back to top . The.

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New Meta Description Length Impact on SEO. To be very honest, Meta descriptions aren't used directly for ranking purpose. In fact Google former head, Matt Cutts said once, 'neither meta keywords nor meta description works for Google ranking.' But still writing an accurate Meta description is important through which you can improve your click-through rates and so your site's SEO. The. Meta Description Length. yangman (@yangman) 1 year, 11 months ago. Will the next update reflect the current (shorter) serp description length? Currently it's set at 256 characters. Or is there any chance that users can set their own? (thru' code modification or a future feature perhaps) Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total) Plugin Author Sybre Waaijer (@cybr) 1 year, 11 months ago.

Meta Description Averages. If you take a look at different meta description lengths, you'll see that there are variations in the lengths based a couple of different factors. Most meta description lengths will show an average of 215 words. This is higher than in the past, as the median length of most descriptions is somewhere around 186 words Meta Description merupakan salah satu kunci untuk menarik minat user untuk mengklik link atau website. Dengan melihat deskripsi singkat mengenai website maka akan mempengaruhi para pengguna search engine untuk membuka website, Meta Description juga sebagai ajang untuk mengiklankan konten website kita agar para pengunjung tertarik untuk membaca informasi yang telah kita sajikan pada website. Meta Description Length Counter. Meta descriptions are an important part of any good SEO strategy.While the words they contain don't diffectly affect pagerank (according to Google, at least), they are hugely important in getting visitors to your site — they're usually* what shows up underneath your page's title on the search results page At the moment, the Google meta description length still seems to be two lines for most results and we are still seeing descriptions of 160 characters. Yet, when a three line meta description displays, you will notice that the descriptions come in at around 278 characters per line. What's important to note is that the SEO meta description increase could well be a test. Google may reverse it. Coverage remained the same at 97.224% when pulling e53236b on RandallKent:limit-meta-description-length into 11509a8 on hexojs:master. Copy link Quote reply Member NoahDragon commented Nov 8, 2017. LGTM. Could you please fix the eslint issue: remove unused module. Loading status checks 24282e1. Copy link Quote reply coveralls commented Nov 9, 2017 • edited Coverage remained the same at 97.

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The meta title is simply the title that sits on top of the meta description and the pair should work in tandem: Although shorter in length, they're displayed in a larger font and are more eye-catching, so these titles are important Nonetheless, whether the Meta Description length is 60, 160, 240, or 500 characters, the strategy never changes. Be concise. Be transparent. Your Meta Description should relay to the user that they can find the answer to their query on your webpage. By doing so, you are building stronger bonds between your site and potential site visitors Enter your title tag, meta description, and URL in the field below to see how they'll appear in an organic Google search result. Select A Screen Size 545px+ Desktop 360px - Galaxy Note and S3+ 384px - LG Optimus L70 412px - Nexus 5X 411px - Pixel 2 320px - iPhone 5/SE 375px - iPhone X/6/7/8 411px - iPhone 6/7/8 Plu Meta Description Length Has Increased to 320 Characters in Google. What's next for SEO? Published on January 31, 2018 January 31, 2018 • 25 Likes • 0 Comment Problem/Motivation Google, for example, may update their description length and how much they display on SERPs. A possible solution is to use hook_page_attachments_alter to alter the length of description to whatever each site wants to use. Some sites may want to have 180 as the character limit while others may want to use 320 characters

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Zusammen mit der Meta-Description ist der Title der erste Berührungspunkt des Suchenden mit deiner Webseite in den Suchergebnisseiten. Umso wichtiger ist es, beides aufeinander abzustimmen, um so die Klickrate zu erhöhen und mehr Besucher aus der organischen Suche zu gewinnen. Grundlagen eines Titles . Bei der Erstellung des Titels einer Seite gilt es folgende Punkte zu beachten: Der. September 2018 Update: This meta description update has been reverted back to its original 145-165 character range limit. For more information regarding this update and the current status of meta data, refer to our Google Updates and SEO Trends 2018 post.. It's official, Google has increased their meta description length to a max of 320 characters La meta description è una stringa di testo che i motori di ricerca usano per introdurre uno snippet, un risultato nella serp. Questo campo rientra nei meta tag WordPress, informazioni che l'HTML permette di inserire all'interno del codice.Ma che, in genere, non influenzano l'estetica della pagina: la relazione è con la presentazione della pagina alla macchina The Meta Description length in 2018. In recent time Google has stretched or prolonged the character length of Meta description to 320 characters. A constant change will be noticed in the SERP's, whereas a substitute for there being2 lines of a Meta Description. There are 4-6 lines of Meta description and appraise it as soon as possible. Exhibited Meta headings are now 10-15 character length. The difficulty in the last year has been that meta description length has become a moving target. In November 2017, Google made a change that dramatically increased meta description length on their results pages. The average length of about 155 characters jumped to around 320. This was great new because it gave the ability to include even more information in the meta description. In May of.

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Google's Meta Description Length Updates 2017 - Meta description length update was released by Google. As Google always improve its search algorithm, recently Google has implemented a change in feature snippet where the length of SEO Description (Meta Description) is increased to 320 characters. Earlier, the Meta description tag limit was 160 characters long. In this article you can know. Meta Description Length The meta description is a short summary of the content available on a particular webpage. The meta description is used by Google to display the snippet as per the search query. The meta description length can be 120 to 160 in characters and 430 to 923 in pixels. The important thing is that the meta description should be unique & descriptive for every web page. As per. The length of meta descriptions that display in search results change based on screen size, device type, and other technical factors, so there is no golden rule for how long SEO meta descriptions should be. But to fit within the most common range of length, write copy that is between 135 to 160 characters. Include the page's targeted keyword. Every webpage should include a targeted keyword.

Beginner's Guide to Setting a Meta Description in WordPres

The length of meta description was from 50 to 156 characters, but in December 2017, Google has announced that it has increased limit from 156 to 300. If we take wordpress plugin like yoast, meta description is limiting from 150 - 155 characters, then what about 300 characters. But wait a second, what about large sites like wikipedia by Google, do they have meta description, certainly not but. Home > Digital Marketing Strategy & Tactics > Dancing with Google's 160-ish Meta Description Length. 08 Jun. Dancing with Google's 160-ish Meta Description Length. Posted at 22:07h in Digital Marketing Strategy & Tactics, SEO by Michelle Tresemer. Google just shortened its meta descriptions. I'm not getting this second hand, folks. Danny Sullivan, Google's public liaison of search. I'm from India. I do have the same result. Around 300 characters in the meta description. After checking around 20 search terms we are seeing around 300 characters to be the average length of the new meta description limits. A search for 'auckland dentists' below shows. Official word from Google employee Danny Sullivan was shared on Twitter In this video, I'm going to share with you how to write the meta title and meta descriptions of your web pages with SEO in mind, so that way you can rank hig.. Support » Plugin: Yoast SEO » title tag and meta description length. title tag and meta description length. Resolved kavittrehan (@kavittrehan) 2 years, 8 months ago. Now that both title tag and meta description in Google can be longer than before 70 and 230 characters. When would that be increased . Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total) Plugin Support Carl B (@devnihil) 2 years, 8.

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